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Engagement Ring Diamond Certification

All of our diamonds above 0.3 carat come with a diamond report from an independent diamond grading laboratory. This way you can be very sure you are getting the high quality diamond that we promised.

We hope you find this guide to buying Designer Engagement Rings helpful but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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What is a Diamond Report / Certificate?

diamond grading certificate
An example of a diamond certificate that you will receive with your engagement ring.

1791 Diamonds New Zealand provide an Independent Diamond Certificate with every Diamond Engagement Ring we sell that has a diamond above 0.3 carat.

Your diamond certificate (also known as a diamond report) will describe precise details about the diamond in your Diamond Engagement Ring.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the largest diamond grading organisation in the world. There are also many other respected organisations with most countries having independent certification laboratories of their own.

These are some of the main points that are outlined in the diamond certificate:

  • Diamond Carat Weight - The diamond certificate will state the exact carat weight of your diamond. See our buyers guide on Diamond Carat Weight (Size) for further information.
  • Diamond Cut - The diamond certificate will state the cut grade for your diamond. This grades how expertly the diamond was cut and polished, ideally the diamond will have very precise symmetry. A higher cut grade will give your diamond more 'sparkle'! See our buyers guide on Diamond Cut for further information.
  • Diamond Clarity - The diamond certificate will state the clarity grade of the diamond. 1791 Diamonds New Zealand only sells the highest quality diamonds. We do not sell any diamonds below an SI2 in clarity. See our buyers guide on Diamond Clarityfor further information.
  • Diamond Colour - The diamond certificate will state the colour grade of the diamond. 1791 Diamonds New Zealand only sells diamonds with the highest colour grades. We do not sell diamonds below a J colour for our Diamond Engagement Rings. See our buyers guide on Diamond Colour for further information.


Independent Diamond Certificates and their Importance

An independent diamond grading certificate is produced by a diamond grading laboratory which is completely independent of any distributor or retailer.

It is very important that you purchase your Diamond Engagement Ring with an independent diamond certificate. Some jewellers may offer their own diamond certificate. If this is offered you have no real way to know if the diamond they are selling you is exactly as they describe it. If its their own diamond certificate that is not independently certified they can put what they want on it. Be very aware of this as they are looking to make money so their certificate may not be 100% accurate!

1791 Diamonds New Zealand only sells diamonds with independent diamond certificates from recognised diamond grading laboratories.

1791 Diamonds New Zealand - What Diamond Certificate will I receive?

1791 Diamonds New Zealand only sells diamonds with completely independent diamond grading certificates so you have 100% proof of the diamond quality in your engagement ring.

Independent laboratories only examine and grade diamonds, they do not sell them. Therefore they will not make any diamond a better grade than it actually is, their reputation depends on it.

This is a once in a lifetime purchase and we feel this assurance of quality is essential for anyone purchasing a Designer Engagement Ring.

The diamond in your engagement ring will have been graded by one of the following laboratories:

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD)
  • International Gemological Grading Laboratory (IGI)
  • Advanced Gem Laboratory (AGL)

For further information see our Design Philosophy and Diamond Policy.

How are the Diamonds Graded?

Diamond grading laboratories use advanced laboratory equipment to accurately measure the weight, dimensions, symmetry, and cut of your diamond. Based on the measurements and the angles a mathematical equation will be applied to provide the cut grade for your diamond. This equipment includes computers and sophisticated specialised diamond machines such as DiamondView and DiamondSure which are also used to detect fake stones.

Note that fake stones such as cubic zirconium become chipped and damaged within weeks which is why they are not a good substitute, you simply cannot beat the durability and beauty of a real high quality diamond!

Diamond grading, in terms of colour and clarity, is largely down to human judgement; so when grading a diamond, the laboratories will invest teams of at least 2 diamond graders to separately analyse your diamond. They need to agree on the colour and clarity of your diamond for your report.

In order to write your diamond report / certificate, your diamond will be:

  • Thoroughly cleaned
  • Examined through a 10x magnification loupe and slowly rotated from one facet to the next noting down any inclusions to classify the clarity of your diamond.
  • Compared to a series of master stones to assign your diamond its colour grade and fluorescence. 1791 Diamonds New Zealand does not sell diamonds with fluorescence as this is seen as a negative attribute of a diamond.
  • Analysed through the compterized machines to determine its carat weight, symmetry, cut and polish. dvanced

At 1791 Diamonds New Zealand we only sell high quality diamonds. For further information see our Design Philosophy and Diamond Policy.

Engagement Ring Valuations

If you are looking to have your Designer Engagement Ring insured (highly recommended!) you must first take your ring for a valuation.

The valuer will value the Engagement Ring based on the likely replacement cost of the diamond/s and the precious metals, the craftsmanship required to create the ring is also taken into account.

Further information about Valuation for Insurance Purposes.

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