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Stunning Diamond Earrings

Alice Herald has released her exclusive (for 1791 Diamonds) collection of beautiful Diamond Earrings. They are the perfect gift for yourself, or to give to a loved one for that special occasion. If you like you can also find something to compliment or match your Engagement Ring.

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Diamond Cluster Earrings

Diamond Cluster earrings are exceedingly popular due to the immense concentration of fire and brilliance they emit from their multiple diamond faces. Set together with either beads or claws they can even give the appearance of one very large solid diamond but at a fraction of the cost.

princess diamond cluster earrings Eight claw set princess diamonds make up this pair of '1791 Princess Cluster Earrings'
diamond cluster earrings in white gold These delicate and fun '1791 Brilliant Stud Earrings' sport no less than half a carat of diamonds and are sure to catch your eye

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Designer Diamond Earrings

Fancy shape diamonds make for interesting and unique designer diamond earrings. So far we have included romantic heart shaped diamonds and elegant pear shaped diamonds.

pear shaped diamond earrings These elegant vintage looking 'Pear Drop Cluster Earrings' will be topping the most wanted lists this holiday season
heart shaped diamond earrings The charming 'Heart Drop Earrings' in 18kt White Gold are sure to put a smile on your face

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Diamond Drop Earrings

Platinum is the true royalty of the precious metals being rarer and more precious than gold. It fetches a premium price but may very well be worth that extra cost as it comes with many benefits; it is hypoallergenic, it is extremely durable and it has a beautiful white surface that will make every diamond look its best.

diamond drop earrings The ultimate in elegance and class 'Tapered Drop Earrings' with 1 carat of diamonds
diamond drop earring A pair of luxurious 18kt White Gold 'Trio Drop Earrings' featuring nine stunning diamonds

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