Multi-Stone Engagement Rings

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Multi-stone Diamond Engagement Rings

We have a whole range of beautiful multi-stone Engagement Rings. You may like to browse through our New Zealand Designer Collection, or even design your own unique multi-stone diamond ring. We insist on the best craftsmanship and very high quality diamonds and precious metals. Our designers, master jewellers, diamond setters, and even the gold foundry we use, are all hand picked for excellence in their field. Some designs are by Alice Herald, who studied jewellery design at St Martin's in London, and worked for a number of prestigious jewellers there.

Imilia Multistone engagement ring - 1791 Diamonds Signature Collection The Imilia is a stunning cluster engagement ring with an unusual Asscher shape centre stone
1791 Princess diamond engagement ring - 1791 Diamonds Signature Collection The 1791 Princess is a classic choice from our Signature Engagement Rings Collection
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Further Diamond Information

Learning how diamonds are graded will help you compare rings from different jewellers. Most diamonds look great under strong halogen lights in a jewellery shop. We always choose high quality and typically more brilliant and purer diamonds so your ring will look simply enchanting whenever you wear it. The chart below shows the diamond colour grade. We only supply diamonds which come from the very top colour grades D - J.

Diamond Colour

We only supply diamonds that are Excellent or Very Good cut. These top grades ensure that your diamond really sparkles with fire and brilliance. The diagram below shows how important the cut is. If a diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, light will escape and the diamond will appear dull.

Diamond cut

Ring Sizer

If you aren't sure of your own or your partner's ring size, then we can send you a Ring Sizer for free!

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