Diamond Design - It's a Sparkler!


I'm so excited! I have just received a proposal from a new online diamond engagement ring company, 1791 Diamonds, to design their first collection!  I have, of course, accepted!

I aim to bring a new dimension and a breath of fresh creative air to engagement rings as we know them!

So much emotion and symbolism is embodied in the loving act of engagement, but I feel, as a designer, this may have been forgotten in place of tradition: diamond + platinum ring = yes I do. Instead, let's give our adoring, committed couples something new and contemporary. Let's move with the times and design with raw emotion and excitement in mind.

My diamond engagement rings will not only celebrate the love and commitment that is paramount in a contemporary marriage proposal, they will also aspire to be that perfect gift at this special time.


Alice Herald designs beautiful diamond engagement rings for 1791 Diamonds Ltd.

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