Diamond Ring Prototypes

Diamond Ring Design - Stage One Complete


The ring designs that I've drawn up have been tried and tested against our target market and are ready to be taken to the next level!

Designing diamond engagement rings for Kiwis is brilliant! They enjoy such diverse ways of life yet seem to unite in the thrill of outdoor pursuits. New Zealand is such an awe-inspiring beautiful country that it would be hard not to be an al-fresco enthusiast! I think there is a great parallel between outdoor pursuits and relationships: they both show a love, need commitment and if you work hard at them they only get better!

It has been important as designer of our diamond engagement rings to know what my clients enjoy doing and what they do on a day to day basis so that their choice of ring can work with their lifestyle as well as representing a loving proposal.

We have two directions that our clients can follow at 1791 Diamonds; Use the fabulous Design-Your-Own wizard to create your own engagement ring, or choose one from the beautiful 1791 New Zealand Designer Range. All these rings are crafted to the very highest quality by our jeweller. We are very proud of our product at 1791 Diamonds because we know that everything, at any stage, has been thought about and done to the best standards possible.

Prototypes Are Go!

So our engagement ring collections are now real in 3D form! We have made masters of all the designs, had rubber moulds made of each and now have a silver version of each! It's fantastic to see all your drawings coming to life in 3 dimensional form - it's great for the rest of the team to be able to see the real product as well.

I think we have an exciting diverse range of engagement rings for our couples and a variety to suit most. We have classic diamond solitaire rings, 3 stone rings with a modern edge, and lots of multi-stone diamond rings. The contemporary trend is leaning toward lots of sparkle with diamonds on the shoulders of rings, channel and bead set gold rings and some pave designs - which are just timeless.

Diamond Rings Here We Come

Diamond rings and photography here we come! The rings are now being made up into 18ct yellow / rose / white gold and diamond for the photo shoot. This is where we get to see the ring come into it's own. Fredrik, from Larsson Photography understands that the imaging of a diamond ring is a very complex thing - what is the most important aspect? Diamond? Design? The beauty of a ring is lost in so many photos, we want them to dance on the page, light it up with its fire and brilliance!

So we shall see how our rings photograph and how they will draw emotion from prospective clients. I am positive we will create a sense of love and promise from our exquisitely crafted engagement rings and that these qualities alone will satisfy our customers.


Alice Herald designs exquisite diamond engagement rings for 1791 Diamonds Ltd

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