Room on the Broom for a Gem of an Employee


Then all of a sudden

from out of a pond

Leapt a dripping wet frog

with a dripping wet wand.

He dropped it politely,

then said with a croak

(as the witch dried the wand

on a fold of her cloak),

I am a frog, as clean as can be.

Is there room on the broom

for a frog like me?"

"Yes!"cried the witch, so the frog bounded on.

(From the superb children's book, Room on the Broom, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler ISBN 0-333-90338-2)

Richard Prout, 1791, blog, Room on the broom

It's a great story and one that came to mind when I saw the first work that Robb Armstrong, our latest software engineering recruit, completed. He turned up, on a strong reference, but very polite and understated, not like a frog in appearance, but like one in the way that he quietly and peacefully went about his business somewhat camouflaged in our offices in the rainforest near Auckland.

His excellence in web design is just like a magic wand. He took some graphic design work from the most wonderful in Queenstown, that was already excellent, and added a certain "je ne sais quoi". I use the French, not just because it suits better than any English phrase I can think of, but because Robb is also a linguist who can speak several different languages!

It's a pleasure to find such superb talent hidden in Auckland's suburbs, and it's a pleasure to welcome Robb on board. He most certainly is a gem of an employee and I look forward with great confidence to introducing our diamond engagement ring online store in October 2008.

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