Diamond Ring Costing NZ$100,000

How Much is it Reasonable  to Pay for a Diamond Engagement Ring?


Rihanna and Chris Brown got engaged this week and gave each other diamond rings costing $200K USD.

If that is a price tag that you think could only adorn a ring in some far away Beverley Hills jewellery shop then think again.

I note in my local Queenstown paper that esteemed jeweller Marc Martinovich from Wanaka has just finished a design for a rather romantic and somewhat wealthy Kiwi that cost a cool $100k NZD.

Don't worry guys! This still isn't the norm in New Zealand. A ring is meant to signify your love for someone and not bankrupt you! In fact a nice guide, which works on a worldwide basis regardless of earnings and currency rates, is that approximately 2 months' salary is a nice amount to spend on a beautiful engagement ring.


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