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The AGS This Month (April 2008) Released a Video to Help Consumers Choose a Diamond


The guide is very helpful. Learning a bit more about some of the more esoteric terms used by the industry will really help you get a much more beautiful diamond.

The diamond industry has spent decades refining a system to objectively grade diamonds and to a large part it has succeeded in doing this. Most consumers have a basic understanding of the Four Cs: Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour.

Of course its an entirely subjective decision whether you would prefer a diamond with a larger Carat weight (size) or one with a better Cut. The Cut of course alters how beautiful the diamond appears in terms of Brilliance and Fire, its Proportions and its Finish (polish). Brilliance refers to the brightness and contrasting nature of the cut faces of a diamond. Fire refers to how the diamond refracts the incoming white light into a beautiful rainbow of colours it reflects back.

For some consumers, for instance those in New Zealand, it may be more important to check the diamond's fluorescence rating. In stronger UV conditions diamonds with fluorescence can appear cloudy.


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