Kimberley Process Has Teeth

Action Against Venezuela


Back in May 2008 I wrote a fairly simple article, the main thrust of which was to say we should continually invest in the Kimberly Process in order to address the issues of conflict diamonds.

I am very pleased to see that this week Kimberly took a real tough stance against Venezuela: banning their raw diamond export for 2 years!

Consumers Care About the Kimberley Process

This is exactly what consumers need to see happening. Sophisticated consumers can see the massive economic benefit that diamond mining and processing bring to many developing countries, but they also demand action against conflict diamonds and child labour issues.

Back in June 2008, Bloomberg reported that Global Witness and a number of other Non-Governmental organisations (NGO's) were lobbying the Kimberly Process to expel Venezuela for non-compliance. Another NGO, Partnership Africa Canada, claimed Venezuela were exporting nearly five times more diamonds than they were officially declaring. The cynics claimed action was never going to come, and I guess now that it has they will claim it's about time too!

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring is perhaps one of the more emotional purchases someone will ever make. Having confidence their chosen retailer will only purchase diamonds through the Kimberly Process is very important. What is also important is that the process is being enforced, and continually refined. Big bold steps forward is exactly what needs to, and is, happening.

On a slightly lighter note, I see that our Customer Services Manager, Dianne, has written about the Incomparable Diamond which a child, who lived near a diamond mine, found in a nearby rubbish tip. Imagine trying to get that find through Kimberly!

Kimberley process and conflict diamonds


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