Diamond Carat Weight

After High School, I Took on an Apprenticeship in Stained Glass in Auckland.


The old tradesmen used to tell stories of how in medieval times, the artisans would purposefully put discrete mistakes into their work because it was thought that to attain perfection in a work of art was to challenge God.

These days, in our highly secularized Western society, the notion of considering religious factors in any form of commercial enterprise has certainly fallen by the wayside. And in a world of mass-production and adherence to corporatist bottom lines, it is certainly unusual to find companies focused on quality rather than quantity.

Alice's Work Takes Shape

Over the last few weeks, here at 1791 Diamonds, we have seen the work of our jewellery designer Alice Herald take life from initial design drawings and specifications. These breathtaking works of art in gold and platinum are now ready to be completed with your diamond of choice, and will certainly make a stunning engagement commitment to your partner.


These days, it is rare to be involved in a project with so much emphasis on quality and care. With the imminent release of our new site, you too will have the chance to share in an exciting journey back to the past where old-world values of craftsmanship and excellence remain alive.


Robb is part of the technical team at 1791 Diamonds Ltd, suppliers of diamond engagement rings in gold and platinum settings.

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