Designing a Diamond Engagement Ring Web Site


This article discusses the technical expertise and planning required to build a website to sell and promote handcrafted diamond engagement rings. Building a website to sell and promote our handcrafted diamond engagement rings takes a lot of technical expertise and planning. The development team we've assembled includes some great and experienced website design talent, including some with a background of building diamond and jewellery websites.

Diamond Jargon

Having the technical skills to build a website about diamonds is a great start, but there's quite a learning curve cutting through the jargon and technical lingo of the diamond jeweller - what with each diamond having a diamond clarity, a specific diamond cut, a diamond carat weight, and choosing from a multitude of diamond colours (from the common white diamond to yellow, blue or even black diamonds!)

Ease of Use

Translating this jargon into a usable format that non-jewellers can understand is one of the core design goals of the 1791 diamonds website. As well as offering high quality diamond engagement rings and other pieces of jewellery for sale, we want to make the process as easy as possible for customers, without needing a jewellery degree (like Alice, our product manager) just to buy an engagement ring!

Choosing Diamonds

We've invested time designing and developing some pretty slick user interfaces for the site that allow you not only to choose from our great jewellery designs, but also to come through and design your own personalised engagement ring. The prototypes of these interfaces are looking great so far, and we welcome your feedback once the site is released and you get a chance to use them for real.

Streamlined Process

Building an ecommerce site like 1791 Diamonds is a large undertaking. The front end website that lists our beautifully hand designed engagement rings is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the technical details which we'll be detailing over the coming months.

Designing a diamond engagement ring web site, 1791 diamonds online

Making the website automatic and operational to streamline our business processes and interactions with both customers and suppliers is a huge undertaking that is happening behind the scenes.

Designing the 1791 Diamonds website presents some real complex technical challenges, and is pushing the team to their limits, but in the end, this will make things simple for you the customer, as well as for the team!

About the Author

Dan is an experienced Software Architect and Online Strategist having designed and built successful globally scalable data-driven Internet ventures in the past as well as running his own local website design business based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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