feeding the Diamond Ring Machine


One of the more interesting tasks involved in building our online shop to sell diamond engagement rings is to ensure our website prices are current for each of the handcrafted rings that we'll be selling.

What's in a Diamond Ring?

Looking at each of the diamond rings in a bare technical light, we consider that each has a number of constituent components:

Metal: gold rings, and platinum rings
Diamonds: a single diamond for solitaire diamond engagement rings, multiple diamonds for multi-stone diamond engagement rings, or more diamonds for rings with diamonds that form part of the ring setting and design like a pave setting.

The Diamond Ring Currency

Designing a website to sell diamond rings would be easy if these prices stayed constant, but given the world demand for precious metals such as gold and precious stones like diamonds means that these prices necessarily fluctuate. For example, the gold price has steadily increased over the last 6 months by more than 100 USD per ounce! This fluctuation is also true for diamond prices and for other precious metals.

The impact of these prices changes for an online jewellery store like 1791diamonds.com means that if we don't keep our prices current, then we can often be selling our engagement rings at a loss - not good commercial sense!

gold nuggets - used in 18 carat gold

Price Feeds

When we've been designing the website, we've therefore factored in both manual- and automated- mechanisms, for fetching latest prices of our precious metals and precious stones. Additionally, since the website will offer diamond rings for sale in a single currency (New Zealand Dollars for example) then, by implication, we must also get the latest currency prices and feed these into our backend machine as well so that we can convert the latest prices at the latest currency rates to offer you, the customer, a great price whilst still making good business sense for us too!

Our metal and currency feed system allows our staff to manually enter these latest rates to avoid any connection problems to our partners, but mainly, these run in the background as simple currency, metal, and diamond price feeds to allow us not have to worry about the small technical details, but instead focus on providing great customer service to help you choose the best diamond engagement ring for your partner.

About the Author

Dan manages the technical team at 1791diamonds.com ensuring that the best practice and high standards in our technical work matches the quality and craftsmanship in our designer diamond engagement rings.

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