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How can we create an online jewellery store architecture to ensure only tested, working code makes it into production to provide you the best user-experience possible?

One of my tasks overseeing the development team is to ensure there is a stable and performant software and hardware architecture to run the online jewellery website.

To this end we have designed the software using best practice standards using a custom developed software framework using proven industry standard tools and technologies.

Maintaining a stable hardware architecture is a slightly more involved task with a number of different layers to ensure only tested and working code makes it into production to provide you the best user-experience possible.

Online Jewellery Store Release Process: Here's a Quick Insight Into How Our Development and Release Process Works

Our developers do all of their day-to-day hacking on windows PCs using a local web server and database setup. This allows each developer to quickly manage and modify their installation to focus on getting specific functionality working. We use industry-standard source code version control tools to allow all of team to access the latest instantaneous build, and also allow easy access to sharing code between developers especially for those remote workers.

When preparing a new release, our developers baseline and freeze the source tree to effectively snapshot the code at a point in time. This allows us to create a test release, which is put live onto a separate test server accessible to the entire development and testing team.

  • Our team runs through functional, usability, load, performance, and user testing and notes down any issues, enhancements, suggestions, and problems. This is fed back to the development team who prioritise each of these and decide how important they are to address during this release.
  • The team fixes any problems and re-baseline and issue a new test release. The new team repeats testing on this new test release.
    This fix and retest cycle continues until there's no more major issues, at which point we create a release candidate which should be near to a final production release as possible.
  • A final test and fix is performed, ensuring there are no remaining issues to address. The new code is signed and approved and released onto the main production website. This is just a snippet of how we're working to industry-standard best-practices to ensure a stable and bug-free (!) online jewellery store
Dan Khan, Technical Director, blog, website development for an online jewellery store

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Dan manages the technical team at ensuring that the best practice and high standards in our technical work matches the quality and craftsmanship in our designer diamond engagement rings.

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