Shining a LAMP on 1791 Diamonds


What are the similarities between computer programming, websites, web development and diamonds? Well, more than you'd think according to one of our development team.

Diamonds and Website Development

Having recently commenced work on the 1791diamonds website, it seems appropriate to ponder some of the similarities between web development and diamonds themselves, in an effort to marry the development process and the product focus of the site.

LAMP Light Illuminates Diamond Site

First off, my thoughts turn to the classic qualities of diamonds – their durability and beauty. Just as we prize diamonds for their incredible hardiness, when building a web-based system developers must choose the most robust platform. The obvious choice here is surely the popular LAMP environment, which like a diamond, will surely stand the test of time.

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Linux is an open-source computer operating system; Apache is an open-source web server which took a key role in the development of the Web; MySQL is an open source database server; and PHP is an open-source programming language that ties all the other elements together allowing for the creation of rich web-based applications. All up, the LAMP platform is now one of the most stable and widely used environments for web development in the world.

As is obvious from the above, LAMP is also an entirely open-source platform. The inner workings of such software are freely accessible and clearly visible to all, and like diamonds, as the famous song goes -- and unlike closed-source, proprietary software whose mantra is often said to be “Security through Obscurity? – the developer can “see every part ... Nothing hides in the heart to hurt me?. At 1791diamonds, we have chosen the LAMP platform for these very reasons, thus building upon a rock solid, robust, durable and highly transparent software environment for development.

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Cutting Code - Cutting Diamonds

Having chosen our desired platform, coding standards were one of the next objects for examination. Here again an obvious parallel between diamonds and programming comes to attention: the idea of cut. Finished diamonds are cut from raw stones, with the cutter choosing the most appropriate shape, such as Princess, Emerald, Marquise and so on to minimise wastage. The skill of the diamond cutter transforms the stone into a stunning work of art embodying all that we hold to be beautiful: symmetry, play of light, clarity, and much more.

Similarly, computer programmers talk of “cutting code? – the process of “chipping away? at a programme to hone it down to its most efficient and elegant form. Having strict programming quality standards across the enterprise makes it easy for each programmer in the team to contribute effectively to the project with a minimum of time and labour wastage. At 1791 diamonds we are committed to quality across the organisation, from providing high quality, unique designer rings with stunning diamonds – to writing clean, elegant computer code that allows our site to function at peak performance, providing users with a seamless, immersive experience akin to our joy in beholding a beautiful sparkling diamond.


Robb is a Web Developer and Designer with over 10 years' experience in the LAMP environment. He is part of the technical team at 1791 Diamonds Ltd suppliers of diamond engagement rings in gold and platinum settings.

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