Spirit of de Grisogono - Black Diamond Ring


The Spirit of de Grisogono black diamond ring, 312.24 carat black diamond

Any Colour So Long As It's Black

It's not the colour you normally think of when you think 'diamond', but there are some quite outstanding black diamonds.

The largest is The Spirit of de Grisogono, which weights in at 312.24 carats. It’s the world's biggest cut black diamond, the next being the more modest Black Orlov at 67 carats. And as if that wasn’t enough kudos for this gem, is also the 5th largest diamond in the world of ANY colour.

Unusual Diamond Jewellery

In fact The Spirit of de Grisogono is something of a beast. Mined in Africa in the 18th century, the beauty originally weighed in at around 587 carats and was later cut to its present size, which is around the size of a squash ball!

The diamond was then mounted into a most eye-catching ring by Swiss jeweller, de Grisogono, known for their use of black diamonds in unusual and original collections of jewellery and watches. Such precision cutting of such an important stone meant that it took more than a year for the diamond to be cut and mounted.

Dream Engagement Ring?

The Spirit of de Grisogono may not be what you picture in your mind when you’re dreaming of your fairy tale wedding ring or engagement ring, but it certainly is stunning. Sitting in a white gold mounting set with 702 white diamonds, it out-blings even the most opulent rapper's earring. In fact the diamonds in the shank amount to a rather magnificent additional 36.69 carats on top of the 312.24 of the black diamond itself. Whatever your personal taste, I think you'll agree that the final effect is certainly eye catching.


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