The Darya-e-Noor is One of the World's Largest Diamonds.

Stunning pink and weighing 182 carats, the Darya-e-Noor is considered rare due to both its colour and size. The table cut diamond is set in a frame with 457 smaller diamonds and 24 rubies, and the complete item of jewellery stands at a dazzling 7.2 cm high and 5.3 cm wide. Fathali Shah's name is inscribed in Persian on one facet.

Sea of Light

The name 'Darya-e-Noor' is Persian in origin and translates into English as the 'Sea of Light' - a fitting name for such a beautiful diamond. It is interesting that the diamond's English name has many spellings, and this is most probably due to it being a transliteration of the Persian.

Darya e Noor pink diamond aka The Sea of Light

Crown Jewels of Iran

Mined in India, the Darya-e-Noor is now part of the Imperial Crown Jewels of Iran (formerly Persia), which is one of the most valuable gem collections in the world. Almost all of Iran's crown jewels were acquired between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. The collection boasts all manner of jewellery, from tiaras to brooches, from thrones to loose gems, and it boasts the largest emerald, diamond, and ruby collections in the world.

Following the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979, the gem collection was added to the Central Bank Treasury, which has since been named the Treasury of National Iranian Jewels.


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