The Kahn Canary Yellow Diamond


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A Lucky Find!

Unlike most famous diamonds, the Kahn Canary Diamond was not discovered in a large multinational diamond mine but found in a humble national park.

The Crater of Diamonds National Park in Arkansas is the only diamond-producing site in the world open to the public, and people can go there and dig on a ‘keep-what-you-find’ basis

This is how, in 1977 George Stepp found this magnificent yellow diamond. Stepp sold the diamond to Stan Kahn, a local jeweller, who enlisted jewellery designer Henry Dunay to make a ring fitting of the diamond.

A Natural Yellow Diamond

It was decided that the 4.25 carat diamond should remain uncut, such was its natural beauty of shape, cut and clarity. And as Arkansas is called ‘The Natural State’ it seemed doubly fitting to keep the diamond as natural as possible.The finished gold and platinum ring shows off the uncut yellow diamond beautifully, with curves and whorls reminiscent of the earth from which it came.
Diamond Fit for a First Lady

The Kahn Canary has famously been worn by Hillary Clinton at all of Bill Clinton’s state and presidential inaugurations, including when he became the 42nd President of The United States of America.One can't help but wonder whether she'll be wearing the Kahn Canary if she ever does become president herself - it just wouldn't look the same on Obama!


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