The Crown Jewels - Real Diamonds of Fabulous Fakes?

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Would the Real Crown Jewels Please Stand Up

No, I'm not suggesting for one minute that the Crown Jewels are not real gems, but having just been to see them with my own eyes, I have to ponder whether the ones on display are the real deal. As my dear husband said "They'd be mad to put the real ones on display - surely they're locked away, safe and sound in a vault somewhere."

He has a point. If you owned a priceless collection of treasures, would you put it on display behind a bit of glass and protected by a handful of Beefeaters? Or would you make fabulous copies and put those on display, whilst hiding the real stash away in a Very Big Safe?

Trying to Spot Signs of Fakes and Trickery

That said, the diamonds certainly looked real. Despite the fact that visitors to the Crown Jewels are whizzed past the main attractions on a moving walkway, you are allowed to nip back round and go past again if it isn't too busy. So, six times we went up and down, oohing and ahhing at the pretty things and trying to spot signs of fakery - and I have to say I was completely convinced the diamonds were real. The diamonds acted just like diamonds should.

Huge Sparkling Gems

The Cullinan I (or Great Star of Africa) was 530 carats of pure beauty, showing fire and brilliance beyond anything I've ever seen or will probably ever see again, with all of the colours of the rainbow refracting and reflecting before my eyes. What must it be like for Queen Elizabeth to have held such a magnificent item as The Sceptre with the Cross at her Coronation? Because, even by a Queen's standards, the sceptre is astounding.

And as if that wasn't enough, the Cullinan II (or Lesser Star of Africa) sat sparkling magnificently, every one of its 317 carats wowing the crowd along with the other 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 5 rubies in the Imperial State Crown. You couldn't fail to be impressed.

So, What's The Verdict?

So are the displayed treasures actually fakes? Well, if they are copies, then I take my hat off to whoever made them, because they look just amazing and certainly wowed the crowds when I was there. But I'd like to think what sparkled and glinted, amazed and bedazzled me that day was indeed the true Cullinan I and Cullinan II diamonds, surrounded by thousands of other precious, magnificent and true gems.



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