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Buying Your Engagement Ring - Diamond Colour

We hope you find this guide to buying engagement rings helpful but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Most diamond jewellery gemstones are essentially transparent with very little tint and can be described as white diamonds. Because of this, determining the subtle differences between colour grades is an expert task requiring a set of colour comparison diamonds (master diamonds) and specially controlled light conditions.

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The Colour Scale for diamonds

The diamond colour scale runs from D to Z, D (colourless) is the highest and Z (bright yellow) is the lowest colour grade. Only a certified diamond grader can really distinguish between each colour grade as the change in colour is so subtle.

The colour grade will directly impact the calve of a diamond. But while a D colour diamond may be the epitome of "colourless", the untrained eye would not distinguish the difference between the D, E, or F colour grade diamonds. It becomes even harder to distinguish the colour grade of a diamond once the diamond has been set into your Engagement Ring.

Please note that the chart below is applicable to Round Brilliant diamonds only.

diamond colour scale

Engagement Rings and Diamond Colour

In general we recommend diamond colours D-J for Diamond Engagement Rings, if you are within this colour grade bracket you will not be able to see any colour in the diamond, it will appear colourless.

If you are looking for a very high quality diamond for your Engagement Ring we would recommend a diamond colour grade of D-F, but bear in mind that the cost of the diamond increases with the colour grade.

Whether you choose a beautiful Solitaire Engagement Rings or a striking Three Stone Engagement Rings you only need to choose the colour grade for the centre diamond. 1791 Diamonds will match the colour of the side diamonds to the centre diamond that you choose.

solitaire engagement rings Take a look at our Solitaire Engagement Rings
platinum engagement rings At 1791 we have a stunning selection of Three Stone Engagement Rings

1791 Diamonds New Zealand Diamond Colours

At 1791 Diamonds New Zealand we ONLY sell high quality diamonds and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest diamond colour grades. For more information please read our Diamond Policy.

You can choose your diamond colour grade when purchasing an Engagement Ring with 1791 Diamonds New Zealand.

With our Signature Engagement Rings Collection you can choose your diamond colour from grades D-H, and with our Modena Engagement Rings Collection you can choose your diamond colour from grades D-J.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

fancy diamond coloursThere are many different fancy diamond colours, in fact all of the colours of the rainbow.

Depending on the hue and the intensity, a diamond's colour can either increase or decrease its value. With White diamonds the rarer and more expensive they are. Only when a diamond is very yellow does it then become classed as a 'fancy coloured diamond' and therefore begin again to increase in value.

Yellow and Brown diamonds are the most common coloured diamonds, they are not as desirable and therefore not as expensive, whereas Pink or Blue diamonds are extremely rare and have a much higher value.

At 1791 Diamonds New Zealand you can have fancy colour diamonds in any of our Designer Engagement Rings.

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