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Diamond Cut and Craftsmanship

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Diamond Cut Grade

The diamond cut grade states how symmetrical or well proportioned the diamond is cut, diamonds that have been cut mathematically better have more sparkle and brilliance! Therefore diamonds with poor symmetry create less sparkle and are less desirable. Sparkle is the reason we value diamonds as the treasure they are, so it is recommended that you only go for Very Good or Excellent cut grades for Engagement Rings.

The diamond cut grades are:

  1. Excellent cut
  2. Very Good cut
  3. Good cut
  4. Fair cut
  5. Poor cut

1791 Diamonds New Zealand Cut Grades

At 1791 Diamonds New Zealand we want the very best for our customers, therefore we only sell diamonds with the highest quality, Very Good or Excellent cut grades. For all of our Designer Engagement Rings, nothing but the very best is acceptable. It is a once in a lifetime purchase, do not settle for anything less than the best, we don't, this is what sets us apart from the average jeweller.

Our Design Philosophy and Diamond Policy has more details.

platinum engagement rings An Emerald cut diamond in the Brillante Engagement Ring in Platinum.
platinum engagement ring A Marquise cut diamond in the Duchess Engagement Ring.

The Cut of a Perfect Diamond

The cut of a diamond greatly affects its appearance, if a diamond is cut too shallow then light will escape through the base of the diamond, and if cut too deep it will exit via the sides. However when cut just perfectly most of the light will be reflected out through the table at the person looking into the diamond. Diamonds with Excellent or Very Good cut grades are quite enchanting to look at because of how they sparkle

When you see diamonds flash as you move them in the light, the effect is called scintillation, and it occurs when light bounces among the facets. Light doesn't reflect as it should if facets are misaligned, diminishing the display.

diamond cut chart

At 1791 Diamonds New Zealand we can guarantee you will be getting only the best quality diamond cut grades, therefore having the most amazing sparkle from your Designer Engagement Ring.

Fire and Brilliance

Diamonds that have Excellent and Very Good cuts have amazing fire and brilliance. The fire is is a diamond's dispersive power, the ability of the material to split white light into its component spectral colours, this creates the rainbow of colour you see within the diamond. The brilliance is the the amount of light reflected back to the viewer as they look inside the diamond. Fire and brilliance is what everyone looks for in a diamond and especially for Engagement Rings!

Around 1900, the development of diamond tools enabled the modern diamond cutting and diamond cuts to evolve, chief among them the round brilliant cut. In 1919, mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky analyzed this cut: his calculations took both brilliance and fire into consideration, creating a delicate balance between the two, he called this the 'ideal cut'. Tolkowsky is the man to thank for the beautifully cut diamonds we see today.

diamond cut chart

Excellent Diamond Cut

Excellent cut diamonds are as close as possible to ideal proportions, this maximises the brilliance in the diamond. Excellent cut diamonds with smaller table (top of the diamond) sizes have the added benefit of causing a huge amount of fire in the diamond.

Very Good Diamond Cut

Diamonds with a very good cut are only slightly not of the ideal cut proportions. Very good cut diamonds do refract the majority of the light through the top of the diamond, this creates a great amount of brilliance.

Good Diamond Cut

Diamonds with a good cut will reflect much of the light out through the top of the diamond. The proportions of a diamond with a good cut are a fair way from the 'ideal cut', often the cutter has compromised the cut quality in order to optimise the overall size of the diamond. Diamonds with a good cut offer a great cost-saving option, we do not sell Designer Engagement Rings with good cut diamonds.

Fair and Poor Diamond Cut

Diamonds with a fair or poor cut grade are cut to a low standard and will only reflect a small amount of the light that enters it, in turn losing the fire and brilliance. Typically diamonds with a fair or poor cut grade have been cut to optimise the carat weight over pretty much everything else. We do not sell Engagement Rings with fair or poor cut diamonds.

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