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What is Diamond Polish and Symmetry?

In this part of the 1791 Diamond Buyers Guide you can learn about Diamond Polish and Symmetry. Polish and Symmetry grades represent to the craftsmanship and care that has gone in to the finish of a cut diamond.

At 1791 Diamonds are proud to only be selling high quality diamonds, so we use only the top three grades of Diamond Polish and Symmetry in our Engagement Rings; Good, Very Good and Excellent.


What is Diamond Polish?

When diamond graders consider what Polish grade to assign, they consider the amount and visibility of any 'polish imperfections'. These may be things like pits, scratches, chips, polish lines or burn marks.

There are five GIA Polish categories: Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

Very Good and Excellent polish in a diamond means that no polish features can be seen with the naked eye. Good polish means you still can't see any polish features with the naked eye, but they are there and the lustre of the diamond may be slightly affected depending on the nature and size of the mark.

A diamond with a Fair or Poor Polish grade may have surface marks that are noticeable with the naked eye and will have significantly affected lustre. We don't sell fair or poor diamonds at 1791 Diamonds.

What is Diamond Symmetry?

The diamond Symmetry grade refers to how symmetrical the diamond is and how proportionate its facets are. A diamond grader will consider if the diamond has centered, even and parallel facets. Also if there are additional facets or areas of the original rough present.

There are five GIA Symmetry categories: Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

Very Good and Excellent symmetry grade diamonds will have no or very minor symmetry issues under 10x magnification. A Good symmetry grade have symmetry features that are clearly visible under 10x magnification.

Diamonds with Fair or Poor symmetry will be noticably affected, this often means that light is allowed to leak from the diamond making it lose sparkle and lustre.

Polish and Symmetry in Round Brilliant Diamonds

The round brilliant diamond is the only shape to have an 'industry cutting standard' applied giving it ideal proportions to be measured against.

This means the quality of the cut can be graded and this is where the quality factor 'Cut grade' comes in to play. Round brilliants also have Polish and Symmetry grades but Cut grade is considered most important. 

All our round brilliants have either Very Good or Excellent Cut grade to maximize the brilliance of all 1791 round brilliant engagement rings.

For our Round Brilliant diamonds we use Good, Very Good or Excellent Polish and Symmetry.

round brilliant solitaire diamond engagement ring The 'Embrace' does a good job of focusing attention on the round brilliant centre stone in this solitaire design. View our1791 Round Brilliant Engagement Rings.
Round Brilliant Multistone Diamond Engagement Ring The 'Maia' is a stunning multi stone round brilliant ring finished by diamond-laden shoulders to draw the eye. View our 1791 Multi-Stone Engagement Rings.

Polish and Symmetry in Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy Cut Diamond Shapes include shapes like princess, marquise heart, asscher, pear, emerald and many more. Fancy cut diamonds may not have standardised cutting formulas to maximise brilliance, but they are perfect for expressing a certain feeling or for representing the personality of the person wearing it.

Since there is yet no industry standard for fancy cut diamonds they generally do not have a cut grade but will always come with a Polish and Symmetry grade.

For our fancy shape diamonds we offer Good, Very Good or Excellent Polish and Symmetry. We do not sell any Fair or Poor grade diamonds; all to ensure you get a high quality Diamond Engagement Ring.

Emerald Solitaire Diamond Ring The 'Brilliante' solitaire features a romantic and emerald cut diamond. View our 1791 Emerald Engagement Rings.
Marquise Diamond Ring 'Deep Blue' is a marquise engagement ring. The elongated shape makes the diamond appear bigger. View our 1791 Marquise Engagement Rings.

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