Diamond Certification

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Our Diamond Reports

All of our diamonds above 0.3 carat come with a report from an independent diamond grading laboratory. We realise that you are buying over the internet and therefore need to be confident in your important purchase. Unlike many other retailers or distributors we do not grade our own stones. This way you can be very sure that you get good value for money and the diamond will be of the quality we promise.

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Diamond Grading Laboratories

We have made sure that your diamond(s) will only be certified by an Independent Diamond Grading Laboratory. Independent laboratories only examine and grade diamonds, they do not sell them. Therefore they will not make any diamond a better grade than it actually is, their reputation depends on it.

The laboratories we use are:

  • GIA - The Gemological Institute of America - United States
  • HRD - Hoge Raad voor Diamant - Belgium
  • IGI - International Gemological Institute - United States
  • AGL - Advanced Gem Laboratory - New Zealand
  • AGS - American Gem Society - United States

Diamond Certificates - What is Detailed on Them?

This is an example of a GIA certificate; the features of your particular diamond will be marked upon the two round faces at the bottom of the page, representing the top and bottom of the stone.

Example GIA Diamond Certificate Some key points of your diamond certificate:

Diamond Cut: How expertly it was cut and polished. To make a diamond really sparkle, it must be cut to very precise symmetry and dimensions.

Diamond Clarity: Clarity outlines exactly what flaws are apparent in the diamond. Some stones are flawless, but most have a certain level of flaws. Tiny flaws will not affect the performance of a diamond.

Diamond Colour: This will record the diamond's colour rating, from colourless (grades D-H) through to yellow (M-Z).

Diamond Carat: This will record the precise carat weight of the diamond.

Some laboratories use machines and computers (Sarin and OGI) to measure the dimensions and symmetry accurately for your report.

How Your Diamond Certificate is Written

Diamond grading, in terms of colour and clarity, is largely down to human judgement; so when grading a diamond, the laboratories we use invest in teams of at least 2 gemologists to separately analyse your diamond. They need to agree on the colour and clarity of your diamond for your report. They can use machines to accurately analyse the cut, symmetry and proportions of your diamond.

Diamond Grading In order to write your certificate or report, your diamond:

1. will be thoroughly cleaned;

2. will be examined through a 10x magnification loupe and slowly rotated from one facet to the next noting down any marks or inclusions.

3. will be compared to a series of master stones to assign it its colour grade and fluorescence.

4. and will then be analysed through the computerized machines to determine its carat weight, symmetry and cut.

If you want to know more about diamond reports and certification please contact us, and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

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