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Pictures of diamond shapes

The round brilliant is the most widely used diamond shape for Engagement Rings. However there are many other exciting shapes to choose from:

round brilliant diamond shapeprincess diamond shapeemerald diamond shapemarquise diamond shape
oval diamond shapepear diamond shapesquare radiant diamond shapeasscher diamond shape

Engagement Rings with various fancy shapes


princess diamond shape Princess Engagement Rings - The Princess shape is the most popular of all fancy shapes for Engagement Rings. This diamond has a square shape when looked at from above. The Princess Cut has a beautiful and intense sparkle.
asscher diamond shape Asscher Engagement Rings - The Asscher is similar to the emerald diamond shape. However the asscher shape is square when looked at from above. We recommend a clarity grade of VS2 or better for asscher diamonds. This is due to the large top face.
emerald diamond shape Emerald Engagement Rings - The top face of the Emerald shape is fairly wide. A traditional diamond shape which requires a diamond clarity grade of VS2 or better.
marquise diamond shape Marquise Engagement Rings - The Marquise shape is unique as it often appears a larger carat weight than it is due to the pointed edges at each end of the diamond. A perfect diamond shape for someone with slender fingers.
oval diamond shape Oval Engagement Rings - The Oval diamond shape is quite literally an oval version of the round brilliant diamond; another diamond shape perfect for someone with slender fingers.
pear diamond shape Pear Engagement Rings - This diamond shape is also called the teardrop. Pear shaped diamonds are renowned for making beautiful side stones. They can also create exquisite Solitaire Engagement Rings.
square radiant diamond shape Radiant Engagement Rings - Square radiant diamonds have a similar sparkle to round brilliant diamonds, they are similar in appearance to asscher and emerald diamond shapes.
round brilliant diamond shape Round Brilliant Engagement Rings - The Round Brilliant is the most popular type of engagement ring. The shape was calculated by a mathematician to optimise the amount of light reflected back through its top table face and hence why it sparkles so well.

See our Modena and Signature Engagement Rings Collections for Designer Engagement Rings with fancy diamond shapes.

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