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The 1791 Diamond Ring Collection

Our Diamond Ring Collection was designed by Alice Herald for 1791 Diamonds NZ Ltd. There is a mix of classic and contemporary designs, all of which incorporate fabulous diamonds and exquisite craftsmanship. There are a number of anniversary rings, and eternity rings, and we can of course design you an entirely unique ring if you would like that.

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Diamond Ring Collection

The 1791 Diamond Ring Collection has some absolutely stunning rings. Shown below are a number of designs in platinum, all of which can be made in white gold or yellow gold too.

diamond ring solitaire
cluster diamond ring


diamond ring
princess diamond ring

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Custom Ring Design Service

You can work with our head designer to have a custom diamond ring made which is entirely unique. There is a small design fee, but other than that, the cost is only the same as an equivalent ring would be.

Custom Designed Diamond Engagement ring
Custom Designed Diamond Engagement ring

If you are interested in a custom design, please enquire via our Custom Engagement Ring Design Service page:

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Diamonds - The Four C's

This section provides the basic information you need to make an informed decision about buying diamonds. If comparative shopping, always make sure the Carat Size, Cut, Colour and Clarity are identical.

Diamond Carat Size refers to the weight of a diamond. 1carat is equivalent to 0.2gms. The designation ctw refers to the total weight of all diamonds in a ring. The designation ct refers to the carat weight of a diamond. Be aware that five 0.2ct stones are very cheap, even though they are 1.0ctw in total. In contrast a 1.0ct diamond is a rare large diamond and will be worth much more than 1.0ctw of small stones.

diamond carat chart

Diamond Cut is a very important factor in choosing a Diamond Ring. The cut relates to how well the diamond will sparkle. The quality of the Diamond Cut determines how well light travels through the diamond. As you can see in the image below if the cut is poor the light will escape and not bounce back out as it should. If the quality of the cut is high your Diamond Ring will sparkle beautifully. Always demand excellent or very-good cut.

diamond cut chart

Diamond Clarity is measured by the number, size and placement of inclusions (tiny natural flaws) in the diamond. Note that any flaws in the diamonds we sell will be so small that to the untrained eye, without a 10x magnifying loupe, they wont be visible. Of course you can pick from the upper end of the scale, where there simply aren't any flaws but such stones are very expensive and visually offer no benefit (other than for investment purposes) compared to the mid grades.

diamond clarity chart

Diamond Colour When grading a diamond, a gemmologists looks for a lack of colour. The clearer and more colourless the diamond, the higher the grade. The only exception from this is the vividly coloured exotics colour diamonds, which in themselves are rare and beautiful, but generally a grey or brown sheen in a diamond is a bad thing.

diamond colour chart

We hope this introduction to buying a diamond ring was helpful. If you want to do more in-depth research please visit our Guide to Buying Diamond Rings.

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