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Elegantly designed and Exquisitely crafted Engagement Rings

When choosing an engagement ring, don't make the classic mistake of overspending on the diamond and underspending on the ring design. It's almost impossible to tell the difference between two or three grades of colour once a diamond is in a ring. But even from a distance, it's easy to see whether or not a ring has been elegantly designed and exquisitely crafted.

Picking a ring that matches her personality, fashion preferences, and is suitable for her workplace and lifestyle will ensure she is proud to show it to everyone and anyone.

We commissioned renowned jewellery designer, Alice Herald, to create three unique collections of engagement rings for 1791:

All the collections are exquisitely crafted by our master jewellers.

Amore Engagement Rings

The Amore Collection of engagement rings are so beautiful, with their elegant bands, and open settings, which both serve to showcase the central diamond. Alice has weaved her design magic, and that combined with our master jeweller's craftsmanship make for some rings that really stand out.

Bella Engagement Ring
Scintillare Engagement Ring


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Modena Engagement Rings

The Modena Collection of designer engagement rings have a wonderful contemporary appearance, with elegant clean lines, and truly enchanting centre diamonds.

1791 Solitaire Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold
Sabatina Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

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Signature Engagement Rings

The Signature Collection rings are simply stunning. Alice Herald's touch brings such elegance to the design classics. All feature top draw diamonds, and exquisite craftsmanship. These rings stand clearly apart form the mainstream, and make for an engagement she will be proud to tell everyone about.

1791 Cluster Engagement Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold
Fiorella Engagement Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold


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Custom Engagement Ring

We provide a custom engagement ring design service for those looking for something completely unique. The ring will be designed in consultation with our Head Designer and made by our master jewellers.

There is a design fee for this service but otherwise the cost of the ring is the same as a comparative ring from one of our collections. We will provide a fixed price quotation, and will send hand drawings and even photo-realistic images before you commit to the ring being made.

custom engagement rings
unique engagement rings


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Choosing a Diamond for your Ring - The Four C's

Its very hard to tell the specification of a diamond when its in an engagement ring. Its the design of the ring that stands out the most when you show someone a ring. Pick the design of your engagement ring carefully and then perhaps ask for help selecting the best diamond within your budget.

When it comes to picking a diamond, try and buy as large a carat size as you can, but only choose from diamonds that have either excellent or very-good cut. This is what will ensure the most enchanting sparkle. Keep the colour above H, and the the clarify above SI1 if budget allows. Please note, we only sell beautiful diamonds, so unlike dealers that will sell whatever you ask for, we will have very carefully selected the diamonds in our catalogue. Be aware the 4cs are a starting point for consumers. As qualified diamond graders we will have considered so many more factors

Diamond Carat Weight

Use the chart below to see how big a diamond is for a particular carat weight

diamond carat chart

Why is Cut so important when selecting a diamond

Diamond Cut is an extremely important factor to consider when purchasing a diamond engagement ring. The cut, to a large part, determines how well the diamond sparkles. When a diamond is excellent cut, then it has been cut mathematically perfectly. A top diamond will appear bright white, and scatter a myriad of tiny rainbows around the room when the light catches it.

diamond cut chart

Pick a reasonable Colour

It is very hard to tell what diamond colour grade a diamond is when it is in an engagement ring. Most of the top colourless grades look the same unless carefully compared under controlled light in a lab. We therefore recommend you maximise carat and cut before colour if you're on a budget.

diamond colour chart

Pick a reasonable Clarity

Diamond clarity grades indicate the appearance of tiny natural defects in them. We only sell diamonds when those defects are so small they can't been seen by the untrained eye (without using a magnifying loupe). Diamonds are graded from Included through to Flawless.

diamond clarity chart

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