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Amore Designer Engagement Rings

The Amore Collection of engagement rings feature very elegant and feminine bands which accentuate the large centre diamonds. Each of the classic engagement ring designs, such as the solitaire, three-stone, or princess is included in the collection. The rings were designed and are crafted here in NZ, and the yellow and white gold rings are made from 18kt New Zealand gold.

Bella Engagement Ring The Bella diamond ring offers a beautiful expression of commitment and devotion.
Scintillare Engagement Ring The beautiful Scintillare engagement ring emphasises the enthusiasm, energy and loyalty of true love.
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Modena Designer Engagement Rings

The Modena Collection is our contemporary range of engagement rings. They typically have lower set diamonds so they are suitable for those with an active outdoor lifestyle and again feature beautiful diamonds and 18kt New Zealand Gold or Platinum.

1791 Solitaire Engagement Ring
embrace diamond engagement ring

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Choosing a Designer Engagement Ring

Choosing a designer engagement ring is all about selecting the design you love, that complements your fiancee's unique personality and suits their particular style. Our Buyers Guide offers advice and information including some educational material about diamonds.

What is Diamond Cut

A well cut diamond reflects most of the light entering the diamond back through the table, which is what gives it that enchanting sparkle, known in the industry as fire and brilliance. This is what sets our diamonds apart from those you will find in the average jeweller's products.

What is Diamond Cut


What is Diamond Colour

The chart below shows the diamond colour scale. The colour of diamonds is very subtle, and its very hard to tell 2-3 grades points apart once a diamond is in a ring. It's worth perhaps maximising carat and the cut grade before the colour scale. Grades D, E, F being rare white, and G, H I, being white, are excellent choices.

What is diamond colour
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