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For the Perfect Engagement

Our in-house collection of engagement rings are uniquely designed and hand-crafted with passion, love and extraordinary attention to detail.

An engagement ring is treasured throughout one's lifetime and even more so than the diamond, the design of the ring stands out for all to see.

We invite you to take some time and browse our beautiful range of diamond engagement rings.

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The Amore Engagement Ring Collection

One look at these exquisite diamond rings and you will become enchanted by the stunning centre diamond beautifully combined with an elegant band. Following classic designs such as the solitaire, three-stone or princess, these engagement rings radiate quality and precise craftsmanship.

The Bella Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum Timeless beauty crafted in platinum, the Bella Diamond Engagement Ring.
The Verita Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum The Verita Diamond Engagement Ring showcases the round brilliant diamond elegantly in a platinum ring.
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The Signature Engagement Ring Collection

Classic and timeless designs shine in our Signature collection of diamond engagement rings. The diamonds we source for these stunning rings are of the highest quality, and we ensure that only excellent or very good cuts are used. The amazing craftsmanship of our Master Jeweller along with only top grade 18kt New Zealand Gold or Platinum make certain these diamond engagement rings are very special.

1791 Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold The exquisite 18kt Yellow Gold 1791 Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring.
Maia Diamond Engagement Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold The Maia Engagement Ring is a beautifully detailed ring with bead-set diamonds highlighting its shoulders.
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The Modena Engagement Ring Collection

Cutting edge aesthetics set in beautiful contemporary designs. Your choice of diamond shape and Platinum, 18kt White or Yellow Gold in these designer rings mean you will be getting a ring symbolising love for years to come. Stylish and unique The Modena Collection of diamond engagement rings offer beauty and elegance focusing on settings that allow the centre diamond to shine.

The Embrace Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum The embodiment of love and romance in this Embrace Diamond Engagement Ring finished in stunning platinum.
The Sabatina Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum Beautifully crafted in platinum, stylish and unique, the Sabatina Diamond Engagement Ring.
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Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

To create a truly unique one-off diamond engagement ring you can work together with our Jewellery Designer. In this way, you will get a deeper appreciation of the level of service and quality you will receive in your finished diamond ring. Through the conversations together, Alice will be able to understand the love and relationship you share with your partner. This will be used to incorporate beautiful features unique to you in your custom diamond engagement ring.

You will be part of the process throughout, from Alice's initial conversations and concept sketches, through to photo-realistic CAD images and on to your completely exquisite and bespoke diamond ring.

Bespoke diamond engagement ring sketches Initial design sketches are done by Alice and then sent to the you for discussion and feedback.
Unique one-off diamond ring One of Alice Herald's unique one-off diamond rings.
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