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The Princess Cut Diamond

We have some stunning princess engagement rings in each of our collections designed by renowned jewellery designer Alice Herald. The princess diamond shape has gained a lot in popularity in recent years since its invention in the 1950s to become the second most popular shape after the traditional round brilliant.

We invite you to browse our range of Princess Cut diamond engagement rings. If you're after something a little more exotic, try our fancy Cushion or Marquise cut diamond rings.

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Princess Cut Diamond Rings

You can see our collection of princess cut engagement rings by pressing the online shop button immediately below. The two rings below showcase princess shaped diamonds, the first with a round ring band, and the second with a square band often used with square or rectangular shaped diamonds.

The Sabatina Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum Beautifully crafted in platinum, stylish and unique, the Sabatina Diamond Engagement Ring.
The Elena Princess Cut Engagement ring in Yellow Gold Superbly crafted in 18kt Yellow Gold, the stunning Elena Diamond Engagement Ring.
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Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

The cushion cut is another square diamond cut that is very popular. It is a very old style of cut that has recently seen a resurgence in demand. Many of the most famous diamonds in the world are cushion cuts, although the modern cushion cut typically has more facets. The modern cushion cut is brighter than the original old mine cut, but is not quite as fiery or brilliant as a modern cut such as the princess. It does have a wonderful classic and romantic look.

The Splendente Cushion Cut Diamond Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold Classic and timeless in 18kt Yellow Gold, the Ilaria Cushion Cut Engagement Ring.
cushion cut engagement rings Magnificent in Platinum, behold the beauty of the Floriana Diamond Ring.
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Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

The Emerald Diamond Cut is another beautiful square edged shape. The cut is most often rectangular and has a real elegance about it. We have a number of engagement rings designed around the shape and their uniqueness makes for a really beautiful design of diamond ring.

Custom Alice Herald Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Custom Emerald Cut Diamond Ring in Platinum.
The Brilliante Engagement Ring in Platinum Clean and elegant in Platinum, the Brilliante Engagement Ring.
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Marquise Cut Diamond Rings

Diamonds when cut other than in the traditional round brilliant shape are referred to as fancy cut diamonds. This name is truly deserved for cuts like the marquise which appear so exotic.

The Duchess Engagement Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold Capturing the spirit of eternal love, the Duchess Engagement ring in 18kt Yellow Gold.
The Deep Blue Diamond Ring in Platinum Sleek and mysterious, the stunning Marquise Deep Blue Diamond Ring.
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Custom Engagement Ring

To create a truly unique one-off diamond engagement ring you can work together with our Head Jewellery Designer. In this way, you will get a deeper appreciation of the level of service and quality you will receive in your finished diamond ring. Through the conversations together, Alice will be able to understand the love and relationship you share with your partner. This will be used to incorporate beautiful features unique to you in your custom diamond engagement ring.

You will be part of the process throughout, from Alice's initial conversations and concept sketches, through to photo-realistic CAD images and on to your completely exquisite and bespoke diamond ring.

Bespoke diamond engagement ring sketches Initial design sketches are done by Alice and then sent to the you for discussion and feedback.
Unique one-off diamond ring One of Alice Herald's unique one-off diamond rings.
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