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The Solitaire Ring - A Design Classic

The Solitaire Engagement Ring is a design classic and there is a very good reason for that. A well-cut diamond will both reflect bright flashes of white light from its surface facets (brilliance) and refract a whole rainbow of colours from inside (fire). The Solitaire Engagement Ring setting aims to hold the diamond to maximise its brilliance, the result is simply enchanting.

Our designs are timeless classics. Our craftsmanship is beautiful and we always use very high quality diamonds and precious metals. Our designers, master jewellers, diamond setters, and even the gold foundry we use, are all hand picked for excellence in their field. Some designs are by Alice Herald, who lives in the South Island of New Zealand. She studied jewellery design at St Martin's in London, and worked for a number of prestigious jewellers there. She is designing the first prize eternity band for this year's Bride of the Year in NZ Bride and Groom, and her past work has featured in Vogue.

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Elena Solitaire Engagement Ring - 1791 Diamond Engagement Ring The Elena features a square diamond shape and is part of our Signature Engagement Rings Collection
Duchess marquise cut engagement rings - 1791 Diamonds Signature Collection The Duchess and is part of our collection of Marquise Cut Engagement Rings.
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Design Your Own Solitaire Ring

You can follow the steps in our Design Your Own feature to custom create an individual ring that we will make for you. We have a stock of round and fancy shape diamonds of various sizes and qualities for you to choose from, and can make the ring in your choice of 18kt Yellow Gold, 18kt White Gold, or 18kt Rose Gold, as well as Platinum. Click here to find out more about our Custom Engagement Ring Design Service.

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Further Information About Diamonds

Diamond come in various shapes, sizes and qualities. All the diamonds we use are high quality and typically more brilliant and pure than others found in the average jewellery store. We have a range of shapes for you to choose from. Some of the more common shapes are shown below. If you would like to learn more about diamond shapes please read our Guide to Buying Engagement Rings.

Asscher Diamond Shape Emerald Diamond Shapes Marquise Diamonds Shapes Oval Diamond Shapes

Pear Diamond Shapes Princess Diamond Shapes Square Radiant Diamond Shapes Round Brilliant Diamond Shapes

The size of the diamond is measured in Carats. This is a measure of the weight of the diamond. The chart below is an approximate guide to carat weight in relation to size (for round brilliant diamonds).

Guide to Carat Size

Don't be fooled - not all diamonds are the same. The difference between a colourless diamond with an Excellent cut, and a poor cut, tinted diamond is significant. One will sparkle with fire and brilliance in a quite stunning way, while the other will be dull and glass-like. Read our Engagement Rings Buyers Guide to learn more about diamonds.

The chart below shows the importance of diamond cut, and the diamond colour scale. If a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow then light leaks out the sides instead of reflecting back to create  that enchanting sparkle we all want. All our diamonds are Excellent or Very Good cut.

Diamond Cut
Diamond Colour Scale

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