Three Stone Engagement Rings

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Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Rings are a timeless classic. At 1791 Diamonds we insist on the best craftsmanship and very high quality gold and diamonds. Our designers, master jewellers, diamond setters, and even the gold foundry we use, are all hand picked for excellence in their field.

Three-stone engagement rings incorporate a larger central diamond and two matching side stones, often presented in different styles:

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Round Brilliant Diamond Rings

Round brilliant diamonds have been perfected through a mathematical formula to achieve maximum brilliance and sparkle. The round brilliant shape is still the most popular shape for engagement rings.

'Eternal' is the classic three stone round brilliant design.

classic round brilliant three stone ring
three stone round brilliant design

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Princess Diamonds

Just like some women prefer 18kt White Gold or 18kt Yellow gold, many have a preference when it comes to diamond shape as well. Some love the traditional round brilliant with its sparkle and soft edges, while some prefer the modern clean lines and sleek look of a princess diamond.


modern princess three-stone diamond ring
princess three stone diamond engagement ring

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Unique Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

If you are after something special for your Three Stone Engagement Ring, then consider using colourful precious gems as side stones. We can use Sapphires that come in shades of blue, pink and purple as well as the deep red Rubies seen in the 'Noelle' below.

Alternatively, you could always commission a completely unique ring by our in house designer.

'Noelle' features ruby side stones that wonderful colour to this 18kt Yellow Gold design.

ruby three stone engagement ring
three stone ruby diamond ring

This amazing commission design by top designer Alice Herald features teardrop side stones.

pear three stone diamond ring
three stone diamond ring commission sketch

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