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Why choose a Gold or Platinum ring?

Its probably quite easy to decide between buying a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring or a white gold one. Most people have a colour preference. However, choosing between white gold or platinum can be more difficult. One clear difference is the price. Platinum is typically about $1,000 NZD more expensive. However, it's worth noting that Platinum is also a little stronger and therefore more resilient to damage and is also hypo-allergenic, and so is a good choice if your partner suffers from any allergies.

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Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Valuable, highly sought-after, gold is a dense, soft and shiny metal. Yellow Gold has a timeless, classic appeal for diamond rings. It's instantly recognisable and a yellow gold ring generates warmth, a stunning choice against the sparkling brilliance of a diamond. All our gold is sourced in New Zealand or Australia and we only use 18kt, which is the purest form of gold suitable for making rings from. To read more about the benefits of Yellow Gold in your ring, please read our dedicated Yellow Gold page.

White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

White Gold and platinum are currently very popular choices. White Gold rings offer a look similar to platinum but at a slightly cheaper price. Snowy in colour and perfectly suited for the setting of a brilliant cut diamond. More durable then yellow gold due to a rhodium coating, white gold is a stunning choice for your ring. If you would like to learn more, please read our dedicated White Gold page.

Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It is hypo-allergenic, and very resilient to wear. Any damaged sustained can usually be polished out. Unlike white gold, it doesn't need periodically re-plating. Dense and heavy, rich and lustrous in colour, our Platinum 950 (95% pure) rings are a superbIf you would like to know more about platinum, please read our dedicated Platinum page.

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