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Platinum 950

Platinum is the perfect precious metal for making an engagement ring. It is a little harder than gold, and so more resilient. It is also hypo-allergenic so particularly suitable for those with more sensitive skin. Perhaps most importantly, Platinum rings look simply stunning, and the white colour is the perfect compliment to a sparkling white diamond.

1791 Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum The 1791 Solitaire Engagement Ring with stylish angled shoulders finished in platinum
Elena Platinum Engagement Ring The Elena sparkling princess diamond ring in platinum

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Platinum Diamond Rings

These exquisite diamond rings in platinum are also an excellent choice for longevity and quality. Lustrous and rich in colour, with the most elegant of designs by Alice Herald. Just perfect.

Platinum Engagement RIng The stunning Spellbound bead-set cluster Diamond ring in platinum
The Deep Blue Diamond Ring in Platinum The beautiful Deep Blue Diamond ring in platinum
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Platinum Wedding Rings

Getting a wedding ring in platinum is essential if you have a platinum engagement ring. This is because of hour hard a platinum ring is compared to gold.

Maia Women's Platinum Wedding Band The Maia Women's wedding band in 18kt White Gold featuring a fine row of beadset diamonds
1791 Solitaire Platinum Men's Band The 1791 Solitaire Men's wedding band features a bold and contemporary look finished in 18kt White Gold
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What is Platinum?

Platinum is highly valuable, scarce and a major precious metal commodity. Being very white, it does not need to be rhodium plated like white gold does. Platinum is also a very dense and heavy metal, so Platinum Rings will feel heavier than an 18kt Gold Ring equivalent. Platinum is rarer than gold and therefore is a little more expensive. An Engagement Ring made in platinum, at today's prices, will often be more than $1,000 NZD more expensive than if it was made in white gold.

Other than jewellery, platinum is used in electrodes, electrical contacts, catalytic converters and dentistry equipment. Making it a highly sought after and rare metal.

Platinum vs. Gold

Platinum is a great choice as the precious metal to be used in an Engagement Ring, Diamond Ring, or Wedding Band. Platinum has the following properties that make it particularly suitable for making rings from.

  1. Platinum is hypo allergenic. The best choice for allergies and sensitive skin.
  2. Platinum is stronger and more durable than gold.
  3. Platinum has a lustrous, rich surface colour.
  4. Platinum requires less maintenance than gold.
  5. Platinum used in jewellery, unlike gold is used in almost pure form (approximately 95% pure, "Platinum 950").
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