White Gold Engagement Rings

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18kt White Gold Engagement Rings

White Gold Engagement rings continue to lead in popularity over yellow gold. White gold is a little more resilient than yellow gold and high colour grade diamonds looks so bright and white set against white gold. We always use platinum for the settings in our white gold rings.

Sempre White Gold Engagement Ring The truly heavenly Sempre Engagement Ring finished with a lustrous 18kt White Gold ring
Sabatina White Gold Engagement Ring The beautiful and stylish Sabatina 18kt White Gold Engagement Ring
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White Gold Diamond Rings

White Gold is a very popular choice for a diamond, eternity, maternity, or anniversary ring. Round, Princess, Oval, Marquise, Radiant, Heart, and Pear diamond shapes all sparkle in brilliance when set against a White Gold Ring.

Opera 18kt White Gold Diamond Ring The Opera Diamond ring finished in stunning 18kt white gold
Imilia Diamond Ring in 18kt White Gold The Imilia Diamond radiating romance crafted in 18kt white gold
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White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold is a very popular choice for wedding rings offering more durability than yellow gold. The attractive silvery lustre means that white gold is a beautiful complement to a pure white diamond.

Maia Women's White Gold Wedding Ring The Maia Women's wedding ring in 18kt White Gold featuring a fine row of beadset diamonds
1791 Solitaire White Gold Men's Ring The 1791 Solitaire Men's wedding ring features a bold and contemporary look finished in 18kt White Gold
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What is White Gold?

The purity of gold is measured in karats. 24 karat gold is pure gold. However, pure gold isn't used for making engagement rings because it is just too soft and scratches too easily.

Like most prestigious jewellers we use 18 karat gold for making our rings. 18 karat gold is an alloy consisting of 75% gold, and other metals such as Palladium, Silver, Copper and a small amount of Zinc and Nickel. The surface of a white gold ring is also plated in Rhodium to give it a beautiful lustrous look.

White Gold Engagement Rings look very similar to Platinum rings. Platinum is however more expensive.

Why choose White Gold?

White Gold Engagement Rings have a beautiful silvery white lustre, which perfectly matches the white of a diamond. White gold also has a really beautiful soft feel, and it is a little less expensive than Platinum.

One problem with white gold, is that scratches show up more than they do on Platinum or Yellow Gold engagement rings. This is because white gold is plated with Rhodium and when this is scratched you see the more matt White Gold underneath.

This means, that from time to time, over the life of the ring, you will want to get it re-plated. Note, you may also want to get a yellow gold or platinum ring polished if you scratch it, so actually there is little difference when it comes to remedying a scratch, its just it shows a little more with white gold in the meantime.

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