Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

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18kt Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold Engagement rings are simply stunning. The warm lustrous glow, along with the smooth soft feel, make yellow gold an excellent choice. Unlike white gold, yellow gold is not plated, and so scratches are less likely to show up, and anyway, even if they do they can be easily polished out.

On a number of our rings we have a yellow gold ring shank and a white gold setting. This is a simply beautiful combination and ensures that the diamond appears bright white instead of carrying some of the colour from yellow gold.

The Maia Yellow Gold Engagement Ring The Maia engagement ring made entirely from 18kt yellow gold
The Embrace Yellow Gold Engagement Ring The embrace engagement ring made entirely from 18kt yellow gold

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Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

Many of our rings are made entirely from 18kt Yellow Gold (and diamond of course).

The Imilia 18kt gold Diamond Ring The Imilia 18kt gold diamond cluster engagement ring that radiates sparkling light.
The Ignite 18kt gold Diamond Ring The contemporary Ignite diamond ring offset beautifully in 18kt yellow gold.
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Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Classic yellow gold wedding rings made from 18kt gold.

Maia Women's Yellow Gold Wedding Ring The Maia Women's wedding ring in 18kt Yellow Gold featuring a fine row of beadset diamonds
1791 Solitaire Yellow Gold Men's Ring The 1791 Solitaire Men's wedding ring features a bold and contemporary look finished in 18kt Yellow Gold
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What is Gold?

Gold has long been a valuable and highly sought-after precious metal for coinage and jewellery. Bright yellow in colour, gold is a dense, soft and shiny metal. Traditionally used in jewellery, and the standard for monetary policies throughout human history, gold also has uses in industrial applications such as ceramics. It's superior conductivity and ability to resist rust and corrosion ensures that gold is widely used throughout the electronic industry.

Such is the malleability of gold, that just a single gram, about the size of a grain of rice, can be flattened to cover a sheet of 10 square feet (0.92 square meters).

Why choose Yellow Gold?

Timeless and classic in appeal, popular and instantly recognisable, Yellow Gold Engagement Rings generate warmth and are a stunning choice to set against the sparkling brilliance of a diamond. Gold is a naturally strong metal, even stronger however, when alloyed with other metals. For this reason, White Gold Engagement Rings will be slightly more durable than their yellow gold counterparts.

Yellow and white gold are vulnerable to scratching, however neither will wear thin over time. Benefiting yellow gold is the fact that unlike white gold, any ring imperfections will not show in a different colour as yellow cold is not plated with rhodium.

Caring For Your Gold Ring

The following are useful things to note when caring for your ring.

  • Clean it regularly.  Exactly how often you clean your ring will be dependent upon your lifestyle.
  • Clean using a professional jewellery cleaning solution, which you will find in most supermarkets. These are very effective and can be re-used a few times.
  • Clean using a polishing cloth for precious metals.  These are often impregnated with a cleaning solution so, when rubbed over your ring, will give it a good shine. Try to use a micro-fibre cloth, so that fibres don’t get snagged on the stone settings giving you a fluffy ring!
  • Take your ring to a local jeweller to be professionally cleaned and polished – as well as cleaning, a jeweller can buff out out scratches on the gold or platinum. This may be necessary once every year or so.
  • When you take your ring off for long periods of time, keeping it in a sealed plastic bag will reduce any oxidisation of the metal.
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