Valuation for Insurance Purposes

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Jewellery Insurance Valuation

When you have ordered your diamond ring we recommend that you arrange for insurance for when it comes in to your possession, just like you would for any higher value purchase.

You can do this with your own insurance company. Some will accept a copy of a receipt to extend cover, but most insurance companies will request an independent valuation to be done.

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What is a Valuation for Insurance Purposes?

A good valuation will ensure your report includes a photograph and description of your ring detailing its design aspects, metal type and quality of craftsmanship.

diamond ring valuation
ring valuation

The report will also give a monetary evaluation of the replacement value at that particular time.

Our Valuations

Valuations represent the opinion of an experienced and qualified individual, but it is important to note that insurance valuations may differ slightly from company to company.

1791 only work with independent valuers and appraisers; we don't value our own rings. The company that we do use for Insurance Valuations in New Zealand is Advanced Gem Laboratory in Auckland.

If you are a client of 1791 we would be happy to arrange for a valuation to be completed before we send your ring out to you. The cost of this is $75.

Selecting Insurance Valuation

If you would like an Insurance Valuation done on your ring, please tick the box on the payment page.

You will need to allow an extra 3 days for delivery.

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